Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vsftpd + tcp_wrappers host and user access control

RHEL4 in vsftpd support at compile time has tcp_wrappers, so you can use tcp_wrappers to achieve the host access control.

Before the experiment, first said the implementation of the next order of tcp-wrappers:

First implementation of the hosts.allow, if hosts.allow inside the list, the list of the machine is allowed access; otherwise, then scroll down to hosts.deny, if the hosts.deny list inside, then refused to list the machine access, if also not (that is, which do not allow and deny list) is allowed access to the host.

Real life, host.allow can also set "Reject" feature, so generally only use / etc / hosts.allow for access control can host.

(A) of the host access control

The host ( to configure vsftpd service, so in addition to network segment other than to allow other hosts to access the FTP service.

Program very simple, edit / etc / hosts.allow

vsftpd: DENY

vsftpd: 192.168.1.

Restart vsftpd, experimental purposes can be achieved, we can tcp_wrappers in the experiment will do more complex experiments.

(B) User Access Control

vsftpd flexible user access control. In the specific implementation, vsftpd user access control is divided into two categories: the first is the traditional list of users / etc / vsftpd / ftpusers, I understand it as the system list (that is, the system prohibited); second is to improve the user list file / etc / vsftpd / user_list, I understand it as they want to ban list

To realize the second list control must be inside vsftpd.conf

userlist_enable = YES

userlist_deny = YES / / This article is the system default exists, that is also unnecessary to add the system defaults to YES

userlist_file = / etc / vsftpd / usrer_list

The above simple experiment can be achieved vsftpd powerful control.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quality control in the "Statistics" several concepts

1, "statistical methods" means
At present, some enterprises in the distribution functions, the use of statistical methods in the Finance department in charge of setting the ground that the whole plant accountants and statisticians in business leadership by the Finance Division. Some enterprises in the quality manual clearly writes: "Our" PRC Statistics Law "Application of statistical techniques ... ...." Obviously, not out to understand the meaning of statistical techniques. Statistical techniques (statistical methods) is the theoretical basis of probability theory a branch of applied mathematics. Random phenomena in the study to determine the mathematical laws of a mathematical discipline. Statistical techniques, including statistical inference and statistical control of two components.

Second, statistical inference and statistical control
Statistical inference is based on data collected (large samples or small samples) of analysis and statistical calculations are the eigenvalues of materials used to predict and infer technologies, such as the application of statistical sampling. Statistical control is based on data collected (large samples or small samples) of analysis and statistical computing eigenvalue obtained is used to predict and control things technical, such as the control diagram. Shows that the quality of statistical techniques in the production of the whole process of the formation and implementation, in every aspect will have its uses. In GB / T 19004.1-1994 idt ISO 9004-1:1994 standard, "20.1 Applications", he wrote: to identify and correct application of modern statistical methods to control every stage of the process of the organization an important factor. Shall establish and maintain a selection of statistical methods and their use for the following work documented procedures: a) market analysis; b) product design; c) credibility of the specification, the longevity and durability prediction; d) process control and process capability research; e) sampling program to determine the level of quality; f) data analysis, performance evaluation and failure analysis; g) process improvement; h) safety evaluation and risk analysis. Can be seen that any one organization does not exist the question whether the application of statistical techniques. Recognizing the importance of statistical techniques, the quality of rings can all be applied at any stage.

Third, statistical methods in the several concepts should be clear
1. Statistical method is the statistical rule, whether natural or social science, there are regular problems. Statistical techniques, is an important method of one of its laws. Broadly speaking, the experience of statistics, common sense is also the statistics, statistics is the law. It is said that some of the old craftsmen, there is no culture of the statistical methods do not know, but they can produce highly skilled crafts. In fact, this is the master of the law, but the results, but to master the process of the law to spend a lot of resources and energy to his life Besides not everyone can. However, if the real master of the statistical techniques, the use of statistical techniques to master the rules, you can learn in a short time, control of product quality. Therefore, application of statistical techniques to obtain better and more economical results. Application of statistical techniques can be better and more economical access to statistical laws. In process control, statistical techniques can be abnormal fluctuations in time to capture a precursor to the producers and managers to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate failure in the process, play a preventive role. Statistical techniques to capture an abnormal fluctuations in each sign, it allows us to eliminate an exception factor. Abnormal factors in the process is limited, so application of statistical techniques can make the process work to achieve the status of random factors only, namely, stability control. 2. Application of statistical methods to control the distribution theory of statistical methods to study random phenomena identified in the De mathematical laws of science, the mathematical laws that determine the quality of data reflected in the distribution. Many statistical methods of analysis and judgments are based on criteria established distribution theory. The most commonly used distribution is normal, there is binomial distribution, Poisson distribution. 3. Application of statistical methods to meet the law of large numbers of shows that only the average number of random phenomena only with a stable, that is law of large numbers. That is only a certain number of samples in the above results it is more accurate conclusions. Statistical law is built on the basis of large amounts of data can be obtained, such as throwing coins, words (or drawings) shows the probability of a large number of tests only to get close to 50%. 4. Application of the principle of small probability events.

Principles of small probability event, also known as small probability event does not occur principle. That "if the probability of event A occurs is small (eg 0.01), but once or less a number of test events A actually occurred, have reason to think that this is unusual and should not happen." Criterion of statistical methods is a small probability event under the principle of get. Therefore, the application of statistical methods necessary risks, "small probability" is to judge the degree of risk [recorded as a>, and its opposite is the confidence level [denoted b>, the relationship between the two is a + b = 1.

4, application of statistical methods have the basic conditions required
1. More solid foundation for enterprise management, a normal management order, the product quality with traceability; 2. Production process is stable, the five factors of human-computer method has been standardized materials, processes controlled in a stable state; 3. The workers, especially full-time quality management and technical personnel have received training in statistical methods, systems, application of statistical methods with flexible capacity; 4. Have the necessary technical, material conditions, such as: with a variety of goods, show the value of accurate measuring instruments, equipment and advanced testing methods, with the necessary computing equipment and record forms.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Using Visual Basic's Timer control

Visual Basic provides a Timer control, which is essentially a set interval of time triggered procedures so that we can hide in the system to a time interval trigger procedures. The flexibility to use it can get very subtle effects.

Below, we give an example.

We can design the interface design of such an effect: a line of text in the form of gradually rolling from left to right, from the right "roll out" the form of text, then left to emerge. So the cycle continues. Information similar to the rolling television. This will allow you to design the software looked very lively and can easily cause the user's interest. In fact, the use of Visual Basic's Timer control can easily achieve it.

First, we set in the form of two Label controls Label1, Label2. Left control, in addition to the two properties, other properties set to the same. This is mainly to achieve the effect of rolling cycle. Their Caption property to display the text to scroll. Also re-adjust its font, size and color. In the Form-Load process set Label2. Left =- 6240 (Form width), Label1. Left = 0. This will ensure that La 顎?bel1 part of the "rolling" out of form, then part of the entry form Label2. Rolling circle formed in the form set? / FONT> Timer control. Timer control's Interval property determines the speed of rolling, in milliseconds.

For example, we set to 300, then roll once every 0.3 seconds.

Then, in the Timer1-Timer () process by adding the following procedures:

Private Sub Timer1-Timer ()
Label1. Left = Label1. Left +50
Label2. Left = Label2. Left +50
If Label1. Left> = 6240 Then
Label1. Left =- 6240
End If
If Label2. Left> = 6240 Then
Label2. Left = 6240
End If
End Sub

Rolling effect on the form, the interested reader can try. As long as the flexible use Timer control, we can design a more interesting effect. Timer control with control buttons, such as control of the Visible property to form a flashing button. Timer control with the control to display different images to form a simple animation.


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Inside Story of appliances to the countryside

Dealers called the sound of the countryside machine deficit sold to farmers at high prices

Hisense Chongqing branch of an official told reporters, Hisense 26-inch LCD TV as the price of the goods to the countryside machine is 1850 yuan, but the production price is 1840 yuan, "that margin is only 10 dollars."

February 1, the a to rural consumption for the purpose of home appliances to the countryside began to be promoted across the country. The policy of home appliances to the countryside starting point of this is to benefit businesses and farmers, but recent news has continued to receive revelations, said many dealers to bid higher than the price of machines sold to the countryside. Through several days of investigation, reporters found that the winning manufacturers and dealers are complaining about the countryside selling machines at a loss, identity card number of businesses this will take away the countryside machine sold to farmers at high prices, even taking the successful model of non- posing the countryside machine.


More dealers anxious to sell more losses

Chongqing Pengshui appliance dealer Wang (not his real name) is now very anxious, to home appliances to the countryside in the fight for the right to sell, he is supposed to make a number, can now "go to the countryside machine" has become a piece of his heart .

Because "do not make money," Wang has been the official website of the countryside in the home appliances complained twice. Wang took Hisense 26-inch LCD TV cited an example: This machine's limit is 1,998 yuan, he took the county agency where the purchase price was 1,900 yuan, plus 4% tax, profit margin is 1998-1900 - (1998 脳 4%) = 18.08 dollars, not including freight and installation expenses are.

Complaints for Wang, Chongqing Commerce Commission given answer is: "You reflect this situation does exist ... ... Please consult with superior vendors." However, Wang found a higher level when the seller when the appliance Pengshui flight , Pengshui flight time is given in reply, "no way."

Reporters then contacted the owner of Chen Qingkui Pengshui appliances when flying, he is also anxious for his countryside machine. Chen Qingkui told reporters, Wang said that the TV he took directly from Hisense Chongqing Branch of goods, take the purchase price was 1,850 yuan, 1,900 yuan and then to sell Wang, "so down the machine a profit of nearly 2000, only 30 block or so. "Chenqing Kui said the price of 1,850 yuan, only to rural areas before machine would get to take the usual prices of goods is 2200 yuan.

Speaking of profits, Hisense, a Leader in Chongqing branch some excitement. He told reporters, Hisense 26-inch LCD TV as the price of the goods to the countryside machine is 1850 yuan, but the production price is 1840 yuan, "that margin is only 10 dollars."

Wang told reporters, Hisense 26-inch LCD TV usually priced in Chongqing is about 3,000 yuan. For the current situation, Wang said, "Now we aim to do so is to protect the market, such as increased purchasing power of farmers after the high-end machine market, there are still some profits."


Rural areas into the high-priced low to sell home appliances

In order to improve profits, some dealers began playing home appliances to the countryside of the "policies, under the measures" in the game.

Hide the identity card. Hide the identity card, will go to the countryside to sell products to market, some dealers commonly used trick.

Jixi farmers Douwan Jiang said: "I have 1,940 yuan to buy a TV, I asked him not to the countryside products, he said it was not. The results then I found online, I bought the TV belongs to the countryside products, limit is 1680 yuan. "

Guangxi Tiandeng of Morong day, he bought Skyworth 26L08HR in Nanning, found the identification card is not bringing home appliances products.

Jingzhou City, Gan Huirong years ago bought a Changhong TV PF29156 (Z), merchants offer 1,480 yuan, and 13% rebate on the spot to him, that is, cash received 1288 yuan. However, check to Gan Huirong later, the winning price of the machine model 1268 yuan. Business told him that won the bid price of 1,268 yuan, not the end price.

Why can sell appliances to the countryside products at high prices? Identity card where the? Reporter asked Wang, he reluctantly smiled, the "This is the dealer to come out the bottom way, the identification card goes to the farmers not to see ceiling price, then sell appliances to market. "

Tax evasion to maintain modest profit.璁╃帇鎴愬拰浠栫殑鍚岃浠◢寰湁鐐瑰叴瓒g殑鏄捣淇?1瀵歌秴骞冲僵鐢点?杩欐褰╃數鍦ㄥ綋鍦扮殑闆跺敭浠蜂竴鑸湪750鍏冨乏鍙筹紝鑰屼笅涔′环鏄?56鍏冦?鐜嬫垚浠?10鍏冧粠鍘跨骇浠g悊鍟嗘墜涓嬁璐э紝搴斾氦绋庢涓?56脳4%=26.24鍏冦?鐜嬫垚鍚戣鑰呭潶瑷?紝鍗栬繖涓満瀛愪竴鑸笉寮?彂绁紝鐒跺悗鎶婃爣璇嗗崱鎷胯蛋锛屾寜700鍏冪殑浠锋牸鍗栫粰鍐滄皯銆?br />

銆??鐜嬫垚琛ㄧず锛屸?杩欎釜鏈哄瓙鎴戜滑鑷冲皯瑕佷繚璇?0鍏冪殑鍒╂鼎鎵嶄笉浼氳禂鏈紝杩欐牱鍋氫篃鏄病鏈夊姙娉曘?鈥?br />
銆??璋庣О鏄腑鏍囧瀷鍙枫?鈥滅敱浜庡埄娑﹀井钖勶紝鏈変簺鍘傚骞朵笉鎯虫悶瀹剁數涓嬩埂锛屼絾鍙堟媴蹇冭鎸ゅ嚭甯傚満锛屾墍浠ュ氨鍊熷鐢典笅涔″仛璧蜂簡闈炴硶鍕惧綋銆傗?娌冲崡鐪佸崡闃冲競鏌愰鎵硅幏寰楀鐢典笅涔¢攢鍞祫璐ㄧ殑缁忛攢鍟嗚銆?br />

銆??涓婅堪缁忛攢鍟嗙粰璁拌?鎻忚堪浜嗗叾涓殑鐚吇锛氭瘮濡傦紝鏈変釜鐢佃鍘傚浠呮湁3涓瀷鍙蜂腑鏍囷紝浣嗕粬浠湪閿?敭鏃惰皫绉拌嚜宸辨湁7涓瀷鍙蜂韩鍙椾紭鎯犮?澶氬嚭鏉ョ殑4涓瀷鍙凤紝浠栦滑浼氬厛鎻愰珮浠锋牸锛岀劧鍚庢壙璇虹粰椤惧鐩撮檷锛岄檷鍒板師鏉ョ殑浠锋牸銆傝繖鏍凤紝鏃㈡彁楂樹簡閿?噺锛屽埄娑︿篃娌″皯锛屽彈鎹熺殑鍙湁鍐滄皯鏈嬪弸銆?br />




銆??瀵规锛岃鑰呮帴瑙﹀埌鐨勪竴浣嶅晢鍔$郴缁熺殑涓撳寤鸿锛屽彲浠ユ妸鏈?簳灞傜殑缁忛攢鍟嗛兘鍙栨秷锛岃鍐滄皯闆嗕腑鍒板幙绾х殑浠g悊鍟嗚喘涔颁笅涔℃満銆備絾涓婅堪宸ヤ綔浜哄憳琛ㄧず锛屼紒涓氬垰杩涘叆涓?釜甯傚満鏃讹紝娌¢偅涔堝璧勬簮鍘昏繘琛岀綉鐐瑰竷灞?紝鍙兘渚濋潬褰撳湴宸叉湁鐨勯攢鍞綉鐐广?绛夋湁浜嗚嚜宸辩殑閿?敭娓犻亾鍚庯紝鍑轰簬鍒╂鼎鐨勮?铏戯紝浼佷笟浼氬彇娑堜腑闂寸殑浠g悊鐜妭銆?br />
銆??鍟嗗姟閮ㄦ湁鍏宠礋璐d汉瀵?銆婃瘡鏃ョ粡娴庢柊闂汇?璁拌?琛ㄧず锛屼綔涓哄鐢典笅涔$殑涓讳綋锛屼紒涓氳嚜韬細鏉冭 閿?敭鎯呭喌鍜岄攢鍞埄鐩婏紝鎵?互涓婅堪鎯呭喌涓嶄細褰卞搷鍒版斂绛栫殑鎵ц銆傗?褰撶劧锛屽鐢典笅涔$殑鏀跨瓥杩橀渶瑕佷笉鏂畬鍠勶紝鍖呮嫭涓嬩埂鐨勪骇鍝佸拰浠锋牸绛夈?鈥?br />
Expert opinion


銆??瀹剁數涓嬩埂缁欏啘姘戝甫鍘讳簡瀹炴儬锛屼絾闀挎湡浠庝簨鍐滄潙宸ヤ綔鐮旂┒鐨勭ぞ绉戦櫌鍐滄潙鍙戝睍鐮旂┒鎵?暀鎺堜簬寤哄禈鍗磋涓猴紝涓嬩埂浜у搧骞朵笉绗﹀悎褰撳墠鍐滄皯鐨勫疄闄呴渶瑕併?浠栬〃绀猴紝褰╃數銆佹墜鏈虹瓑閮芥槸灞炰簬娑堣?鎬т骇鍝侊紝鍐滄皯鏇撮渶瑕佺殑鏄敓浜ф?浜у搧銆?br />


銆??鍞愭烦椋庤〃绀猴紝鍏夊鐢典笅涔$殑绌洪棿寰堝皬锛屾墿澶т笅涔′骇鍝侀鍩熸墠浼氬缁忔祹鏈夌湡姝g殑鎷夊姩銆?0浜垮啘姘戝氨鏄競鍦猴紝瑕佹牴鎹啘姘戦渶瑕佹潵鎸栨帢甯傚満銆?br />



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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pause slideshow tips

In the slide show, if the intermission, or insert other topics, you can switch to a black screen or a slide
Screened black and white rather than to continue to broadcast at any time.

The specific method is pressed into black and white w, b into a black screen. We should continue to broadcast as long as you can press the space bar.

Expert Comment:
For more information on keyboard shortcuts, press F1 when you can play.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Using De exterminate rabbits annoying ads RMVB movies

I believe people who regularly download all met to watch the back of the RM or RMVB to download videos will pop up browser window somehow, some of these windows are full screen ads, and even some also contain Trojan horse virus.

I have also had this garbage in the virus, computer games hard to lay a QQ number from this account and no longer belongs to me. At that time do not understand what happened, 鍚庢潵 friend told me that some 浜?鍔犲叆 deliberately movie files Zhong junk codes, while watching the movie Zhezhonghanyou garbage code when the pop-up malicious Web page, the user's computer implanted Trojan virus.

Because hidden deep, and many anti-virus software can not be killing time, the most effective way is to take early precautions. Then a friend recommended I listen to this download software off rabbit Tuotu because it embedded video ads virus killing capabilities, it can open the movie file before all of the malicious code will be removed, prior protection to any new virus or variant no chance of invasion computer.

Using rabbit killing off the virus function is very simple video advertising, off Rabbit and the latest de-rabbit 3 support. Rabbit set off the first entry in the download is complete before automatically clear the check mark. This rabbit off automatically after the download is complete to monitor and remove all RM, RMVB advertisements contained in the virus code.

Figure 1
If the downloaded file is not selected automatically killing, you can complete the list in the task right, you can choose to film the pop-up ad, after killing there will be a prompt, so you can rest assured that the beginning of the watch.

If your computer has antivirus software installed, off of each rabbit is called automatically after the download is complete anti-virus check the file, for non-movie files can also play a very good virus protection role.

Figure 2

Hopefully this can give some help like a friend to download, use the skills and experience of rabbit off a lot, hope to share with you more.


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Proper way to make money: to be a know how to "lose money," the dealer

Chu Lu'an City of Anhui Province, is a dealer engaged in food operations, introduced by someone else, he knew the food company A company's chairman Yang. A company is an enterprise instant noodles just start soon. After the exchange, Mr Chu is determined to make A's distributor.

Soon, as a quality accident, A company dealing in the market for the products in question, all of a sudden huge loss occurs. For a fresh start for a company not long, the loss of almost fatal: many dealers saw something bad, have chosen to give up, A company once almost lost all the dealers.

At this critical moment the most difficult, Mr Chu has chosen to stand together and A company, not only did not give up the right to operate the company's products, but their money to deal with market problems, the company has not made any demands.

Zhu This mainly for two reasons: first, through the distribution period of time, he found A company's products have a broad market. Business enterprises with competitive products when compared to clear differentiation and competitive, and business-to-market product development concept to grasp, and can do a good grasp.

Second, A's market is mainly in Henan, Anhui, products after a problem, put a lot of money and manpower to solve the problem. The problem occurred two months, Mr. Zhu A company estimates at least 500 million yuan investment funds dealing with the aftermath. 5 million yuan, not only shows a certain strength of the company A, but shows good market A company is sincere.

Zhu won the support of A's trust in the delivery, he has been even greater concessions from the A's. Over the past six months after the storm died down, A company's rapid sales growth, has now reached more than 3,000 yuan a month in sales. Chu Although only a small distributor, sales of 4 500 thousand yuan per month, but in the preferential policies, the profits can still be considerable.

Since then, Mr. Zhu has repeatedly put forward reasonable suggestions to help A Company management, to improve it. In order to continue to make A's management close to the market, Mr. Zhu proposed to set up distributors in politics committee, was quickly adopted by the company A, he also became the Chairman of the Committee not take a salary.


Although start looking at some "stupid", but the reality proved that Zhu's choice is correct. A continued increase in post-market investment, maximize the benefits of him in the company's products in short supply, Mr. Zhu has also been a variety of benefits A company.

Dealers in the choice of objects, both on the market in which to make judgments, but also the strength of enterprises, strategic planning to make judgments, so that can help you see the face of difficulties, or difficulties in respect of the termination of a business co-operation , then the business after the recovery and growth will not be thinking of you.

In addition, make reasonable suggestions to the company, not only can help the enterprise, more importantly, can help to their own.

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