Monday, August 2, 2010

Using De exterminate rabbits annoying ads RMVB movies

I believe people who regularly download all met to watch the back of the RM or RMVB to download videos will pop up browser window somehow, some of these windows are full screen ads, and even some also contain Trojan horse virus.

I have also had this garbage in the virus, computer games hard to lay a QQ number from this account and no longer belongs to me. At that time do not understand what happened, 鍚庢潵 friend told me that some 浜?鍔犲叆 deliberately movie files Zhong junk codes, while watching the movie Zhezhonghanyou garbage code when the pop-up malicious Web page, the user's computer implanted Trojan virus.

Because hidden deep, and many anti-virus software can not be killing time, the most effective way is to take early precautions. Then a friend recommended I listen to this download software off rabbit Tuotu because it embedded video ads virus killing capabilities, it can open the movie file before all of the malicious code will be removed, prior protection to any new virus or variant no chance of invasion computer.

Using rabbit killing off the virus function is very simple video advertising, off Rabbit and the latest de-rabbit 3 support. Rabbit set off the first entry in the download is complete before automatically clear the check mark. This rabbit off automatically after the download is complete to monitor and remove all RM, RMVB advertisements contained in the virus code.

Figure 1
If the downloaded file is not selected automatically killing, you can complete the list in the task right, you can choose to film the pop-up ad, after killing there will be a prompt, so you can rest assured that the beginning of the watch.

If your computer has antivirus software installed, off of each rabbit is called automatically after the download is complete anti-virus check the file, for non-movie files can also play a very good virus protection role.

Figure 2

Hopefully this can give some help like a friend to download, use the skills and experience of rabbit off a lot, hope to share with you more.


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